Aqueduct is a productive server-side framework for building REST APIs.


If this is your first look at Aqueduct, check out the Tutorials below. They are a step-by-step guide to creating an Aqueduct application from scratch and take about 1-2 hours to complete.

Chapter 1: Routing and Request Handling

Chapter 2: Writing Tests

Chapter 3: Executing Database Queries

Chapter 4: Relationships and Joins

Chapter 5: Deployment


Deeper dives into the framework are available under the Guides in the sidebar.

Aqueduct API Reference.

Aqueduct on Github.

Creating an Application

Once you are familiar with the fundamentals of the framework, you can get started fast on a new project with the following steps:

  1. Install Dart.
  2. Activate Aqueduct

     pub global activate aqueduct
  3. Run first time setup.

     aqueduct setup
  4. Create a new project.

     aqueduct create -n my_project